NSA's Visual Arts Department offers a wide range of visual arts classes designed to provide creative rigor through the sequential approaches to art, experimentation, and group practice, leading to in-house exhibitions and presentations. NSA is committed to the study of the arts which aid the adult and child learner in the incorporation of ideas, concepts, processes, and perceptions of their world. Professional visual arts instructors will prepare each student to actively participate and contribute to their own personal, professional, and creative growth.

Courses and instructors are subject to change.

Group Classes in all Disciplines - 17-week semester

Group Classes Tuition: $289.00
Registration Fee:  $65.00

Visual Arts Materials Fee

$25 - $40 – there is a one-time materials fee per semester for visual arts classes paid at time of registration. Fee varies per class.  Please see class listing for details.

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Young Painters 1

Ages 5 - 8
Saturdays, 10:00 AM or 11:00AM,
1 hour

Students will learn the basics of drawing and painting. Students concentrate on the various drawing techniques, using real life or observational drawing as much as possible. They also learn how to mix colors in watercolor or pastels and the basics components of composition.


Forming paper mache masks

Forming paper mache masks

Young Painters 2 (Basic Media and Techniques)

Ages 8+
Saturdays,  12:00PM, 1 hour

Students will use a variety of materials, and learn techniques for applying different styles and art materials for their paintings and drawings. Projects will include rigorous exercises using mixed media, printmaking, drawing and painting to further hone artistic skills. Students will explore subject - matter such as, animals, still life, buildings, and portraits in this 17 - week course. The instructor will cite historical and stylistic periods to encourage students to develop visual acuity and art terminology.


Advanced Art Techniques and Portfolio Development

Ages 11 - Adult   Saturdays,4:30PM,1 hour

In this advanced course, students will further develop a creative approach to their drawing and painting using a variety of styles and artistic exercises. It will also help the student build their portfolios using the four tiered process; observational art, personal art, critique, portfolio presentation/home exam. Students will use a range of media such as charcoal, clay sculpture, acrylic paint, collage, printmaking and fabric art. Projects will include, observational drawing, still life, collage, perspective, portraiture and figure drawing.


Comics and Manga Drawing Techniques

Ages 8+

Saturdays, 1:00 PM, 75 minutes

Students will be able to master perceptional drawing and be able to render light and shadow with the use of a variety of mediums, including pencil, charcoal and ink. While the skills they learn will be fundamental for the Anime, Manga and Comic market, they can also be used for the 2D and 3D animation field as well as fine arts.


Forming Paper Mache Masks

Forming Paper Mache Masks

Digital Photography

Ages 13 - Adult
TBD, 75 minutes
Materials Fee: $30.00
Bring your own camera (SLR or point - and - shoot)
The course focuses on the fundamental elements of digital photography from how to use a SLR camera and/or point - and - shoot to increase understanding and personal enjoyment. The 17 - week semester includes creating photo - essays, understanding of the narrative structure in a story using photos of a single item, and recognizing the elements of photographic composition that help convey a compelling photographic story. To encourage students to develop their own voice in relationship to their audience of their peers, community and family, students will become skilled at editing their own work in preparation for an in - house exhibit.

Drawing and Painting for Adults

Ages 18+
Saturdays, 3:30PM, 75 minutes

This course is designed to further build and enhance the methods and techniques of the student who has had exposure to acrylic painting. Students will be assisted individually in the development of their skills and execution of this very versatile medium. Both traditional and non - traditional approaches to acrylic painting will be addressed in this course. Students will focus on abstraction, collage, and the expressive nature of color. The emphasis will be on taking creative risks and further exploring individual expression.