Black Friday-Special Offer


Black Friday-Special Offer

141.00 240.00

A registration Fee is automatically applied to all courses selected. An Art Materials Fee is automatically applied to any Visual Arts Courses. Please See Registrar and do not register online if:

You require a Payment Plan or Financial Aid.

You require any type of Discount: Senior, Registration Fees, Etc. 

You are a continuing student and have already paid your Annual Registration Fee. 

Complete Registration


$65 per family and $45 for seniors.

This registration fee is due once per year and covers the fall, spring and summer terms.


Registration Information



Registration and service fees are paid annually for each school year. Tuition is paid by semester, from September – January, and February – June. Optional summer classes are billed separately.

The non-refundable registration fee is $65 per family, and/or $45 for seniors each school year. Tuition will vary according to the courses selected. If a student starts after the beginning of a semester the fee will be prorated depending on the number of remaining weeks.

Tuition for each semester may be paid in full at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters or in a payment plan. If a payment plan is elected, there is a non-refundable service fee of $50 per family for the school year. Amounts due on a payment plan must be paid according to the due dates. Students who are behind on payments will be temporarily suspended until the amount due is paid. Payments for registration and other fees and tuition are payable by check, credit card or money order only. No tuition payments will be accepted in cash. There is a $25 discount for tuition paid in full by credit card.

Payments for music and/or art supplies and dance wear must be made by check, credit card or money order at the time of purchase.


There will be no tuition refunds after the end of October for the fall semester, or the end of March for the spring semester. Otherwise tuition refunds will be prorated based on the number of remaining weeks in the semester. Registration and other fees are not refundable.


Use Drop/Add forms to drop/add, change name, address and other information.


Students are expected to attend all registered classes, throughout the school year. Teachers are expected to make up lessons they miss or there will be a refund or credit given for the missed time (theory, solfege and ensemble classes excluded). If a student is absent from a lesson they forfeit that lesson and are not entitled to a refund. If the student is absent more than 3 times, the school reserves the right to cancel classes for the student.


For each student there will be opportunities to perform, exhibit and attend school events. After two full semesters and on recommendation from teachers, private lesson students may audition for additional lesson time at no additional charge. Tuition must be paid by the due date for scholarships to remain in effect.

Financial Aid

Limited financial assistance is available for students who qualify under school guidelines. Proof of need must be demonstrated. See the registrar for more information. Tuition must be paid by the due date for financial aid to remain in effect.


NSA routinely photographs our classes and students for use in our marketing and publicity materials. The signature below indicates your permission for use of these images in print, television and on the internet.

Discrimination Statement/Accessibility

It is the policy of the School that in matters concerning the recruitment, selection, and admission of students, no person shall be discriminated against for reasons of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, and political affiliation, physical or socio-economic disadvantages.


The school welcomes participation by individuals with disabilities. In so far as possible, NSA will provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities. The building is wheelchair accessible. Upon request, course information will be provided for large print or alternative formats. Special accommodations for events can be made with two weeks’ notice.